Sunday, October 17, 2010

Isn't maturity supposed to make us smarter?

The scriptures teach that we should be like unto a little child. There is an often quoted phrase, "Out of the mouth of babes." Well, here is one.

Last year, liberal voters in California fought for a change in what was to be accepted as a marriage. The law states that marriage is between a man and a woman. Many voters wanted to change that to allow same-sex relationships to be recognized as legal and binding. This was presented in the form of "Prop 8". The First Presidency admonished all members of the church, one of the very few times I have ever heard the Brethren take a political stand, and fight against this Prop to protect the sanctity of marriage. As you can imagine, this sparked many conversations among the children and especially when there were many liberals, even same-sex couples, at their school. Karsten and I tried to be as open and frank as we could with the kids.

It was amazing to me how the litle ones reacted. Let me clarify.  When I say "little ones" I am referring to the younger ones of the whole clan.  These "little ones" ranged from age 5 to age 10.  They are too young to understand the ramifications of this bill. As far as they are concerned, they see the physical differences between a man and a woman, they have the example of their parents, and what they have been taught. Their understanding of the "facts of life" are very simple and elementary. There must be a man and a woman. No questions asked. Why then do adults, who are supposed to be more mature, have such difficulty with this basic concept? I loved Elder Packer's talk at conference when he gave the example of the child telling the teacher how to tell the sex of the ktiten.  ". .  .  there are those today who not only tolerate but advocate voting to change laws that would legalize immorality, as if a vote would somehow alter the designs of God’s laws and nature. A law against nature would be impossible to enforce. For instance, what good would a vote against the law of gravity do?"

But, I stray from what I originally wanted to write. Logan, my 10 year old, was very confused with the issue. As only he can, he asked, "Mom, if there are two males trying to get married, who decides which one wears the dress?" Very plainly and simply put. As young and naieve as he is, Logan still gets it. Oh that we could all be as little children.

Age, experience, technology, education. All important in their own right. But when it clouds our understanding and makes us question the simple laws of nature, we are the dumb ones. Not the children. They get it!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is a friend?

My favorite, almost, 15 year old and I were talking today about friends and what constitutes a friend.  There are "church" friends, "school" friends, "going-out" friends, "talking on the phone" friends, "see every once in a while" friends, and there are your "confide everything and will always be there no matter what" friends.  I'm sure, by definition, one of these is an acquaintance but does anyone even use that word any more?  Kind of like the word "love".  So over used it has lost its true significance. 

For example, if you take the "facbeook" definition of friend, anyone that you invite to share in your daily ramblings is considered a "friend".  I'm beginning to think that with facebook, texting, etc. the definition of "friend" has evolved into someone we can share whatever we want as long as we are concealed behind technology and emotion is removed from the equation.

My favorite, almost, fifteen year old asked me who my friends are.  A valid question.  She has been noticing a separation between herself and some of her friends.  Different schools and interests are a few of the contributing factors. Part of growing up.  People fade in and out of life.  But who, then, is a true friend?  Are their different levels of friends?

I will admit.  According to many definitions of a friend, I am a terrible friend.  I am not one that will call and chat on the phone.  I don't spend a lot of time on facebook.  I don't text.  I don't call people up and arrange to meet them or spend time together.  I don't send out many e-mails.  I am terrible at sending cards, whether birthday or holday.  I forget everyone' birthdays.  I guess you would say I don't have any friends.

For me, the word "friend" is special.  Let me give you an example of my favorite friends.  These friends are my confidants.  The ones I can share my joys and sorrows and I know the info, if confidential, isn't going any further than their individual brain cells.  On the flip side, they are ones that can share with me and I don't feel like I have to share with them.  I am never judged by what I say or feel.  I am never judged for my mistakes.  The relationship doesn't change because of lack of communication, distance of location, health, or other factors.  These special friends are my family.  My husband, my siblings, my parents.  I love these friends.

What would I then call all those other wonderful people in my life that I talk to and spend occasional shared moments?  That is a good question.  By defnition, they are more than an acquaintance.  I need a new word.

Emotion.  I think that is what keeps me from labeling all as friends.  Maybe that's it.  I have "emotional" friends and "non-emotional" friends.  No, that doesn't sound right.  Yet, it does have a ring of truth to it.  I guess a friend to me is someone who truly knows me and one I have allowed to truly know me.  Hmmm.  That is something to think about.

Well, however we all label all those people that are important to us, here is a big "thank you" to all of you.  Even if I don't talk to you forever or forget birthdays, etc. I'm thankful for all those important people in my life that influence me in some way.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yesterday's thin is tomorrow's fat

I'm tired of being fat.  "Fat?" you say, "Oh, give me a break.  Fat between your ears."

No, really!!!  I can prove it.

If I look at a doughnut, I gain weight.  If I sniff a brownie, I put on weight.  If I even THINK about a cookie, I gain weight.  Dang it!!!!  There goes 5 pounds.  Let me show you what is the "new" sexy.

 Okay, so in REAL life, I thought this person was pretty slender.  Obviously, not enough.

 Just when you thought lipo was enough.  Now you have to not only shave your legs, exfoliate said legs, buff them, oil them, and then if you even THINK you can put these pants on, guess again.  You need a shoe horn!

Are legs supposed to go into those things?  Oh, I get it.  The shirt covers the upper part of the body that can't fit in those things.  I now understand the "pants down around the lower butt" look.

I personally like the look of that painting years ago of the voluptuous woman looking over her back at the camera.  She has "meat" on her bones, has a few roles, and is still sexy and happy (I'd search for that picture but I'm too scared of what will come up).

How come those of us who have had a real life meaning having had kids, not exercising hours in the gym, no chef, no money to have all body parts altered, etc.  are considered "fat" and not sexy or desirable?

Well, I flip my nose at all of you's. AAAWWWW, who am I kidding.  I fight the bulge, deprive myself of a few calories, hit the gym more than is healthy, pinch my fat, and wish for smaller numbers.  I'm going to dish up another bowl of ice cream.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mental entertainment!

I read one of my sister's blogs (you're missing out if you haven't read it) about books and the garbage that writers feel is necessary for the "enrichment" of their masterpieces.  And, let's not forget the visual plethora that continually competes for our attention and the garbage the media is flashing before our eyes.

I will be the first to admit that I really like (okay, maybe "like" is too tame) a good, intense, action-packed, novel that keeps me guessing until the very end.  I enjoy action movies and ones with a little punch.  What I don't get is the writers', authors', editors', producers', or whatevers' need to fill the pages and screens with filth and degradation.

I once read a quote that said using profanity (and I will include sex and pornography) is a sign of limited intelligence.  How does that grab all you, so-called, intellectual elite???  Can't think of any other words to define a mood or emotion than foul language?  Can't think of any other way to show physical emotion other than sex and pornography?  Can't think of any other way to portray conflict other than blood, gore, & violence?

I was reading a "teen" series by an author and really enjoyed it.  Lots of suspense, action, drama, etc.  And guess what???  No language, sex, detailed violence or crude references!!!!  Imagine that!!!  Thinking the author would be someone I would enjoy on a more "adult" level, I purchased one of the author's books that was considered to be for adults, instead of young adults or teens.  I sat myself down, eagerly turned to the first page, turned to the next page, flipped through the pages of the first chapter, got up and threw the book away.

Apparently, adult reading, or viewing, means the author can now use foul and vulgar language, crude references, and sex.  Wait a minute.  I thought becoming an adult meant being more mature, gaining more knowledge, using that knowledge intelligently, refinement, respect, professionalism.  You know, all those adult things.  If I had of known that being an adult was the same as being in the locker room when I was a teenager, I would have stopped right there.  Look at all the time and energy, not to mention money, I wasted getting more education, refining and improving myself.  Boy, what a smack in the face for all you people that consider yourselves "professionals" in whatever field you are in.  You got duped!!!!  All that money you thought you were putting in to get ahead.  And look where it got you.  Right back in a teenage locker room.  Feeling smart?????

I'm sooo glad I realized my mistake before I continued down this path of waste.  I'm an adult.  I get to smoke, drink, take drugs, read smut, use foul and vulgar language, read and watch blood and gore, read or look at pornography, etc., etc., etc. Young people, no need to go any further.  You've already made it!!!

I wonder what would happen if being an adult meant, no need to use foul or vulgar language, respect for others, intelligent conversations that don't revolve around sex, no satisfaction in reading or watching explicit violence and accepting it as entertainment, moving past the need for alcohol and drugs to make someone popular or "relaxed", respecting the human body (male or female) and not being caught up in the "wearing less and showing more means 'more mature'".  I could go on forever.

Alas, I have come to the conclusion there are very few real adults out there in the vast human population.  Most of these are children and haven't realized they have already surpassed the older generations.  The other group are those of us who decided to leave our teenage and young, adult years behind us and move on to bigger and better things.  Here's to being a REAL adult.  Grow up world and join the party.  We're having a lot more fun than you are.

9-1-1, S.O.S., Help me!! - you get the picture.

I am a terrible blogger.  I think of all these wonderful things to post, great words of wisdom, funny anecdotes, etc., etc.  Pull up "Blogger" and immediately hit a blank.  "Nope, nothin' in my noggin'."  LLLLOOOVVVVEEE that movie.

So this is a 9-1-1 to all you gurus out there.  I don't have the time, energy, or quite frankly, the desire to spend countless hours trying to figure out how to format my blog.  Yes, I'm one of those that feels entitled to instant gratification and feel it is your duty to share your wealth of knowledge with me.  After all, they say the rising generations are smarter than the last.  So, cough it up!!!!  Respect your elders and HELP ME!!  Oh, and before I go blank again, keep it simple.  Remember, I'm running on a "DOS" brain here.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July!

So thankful I live in this country.  Not perfect, but wonderful still the same.

A HUGE thank you to all the fantastic men and women out there putting their life on the line for our freedoms -- past and present and future.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

17th Anniversary and the Redding Rodeo. Yeah!!!

Okay, now I know what you're all thinking.  My house is a rodeo, with a number of clowns, and how could that be exciting on my Anniversary?  'Cause you got it wrong.  My house is more like the zoo or circus and I LEFT my house and went to the rodeo.

For years I have been trying to get my better half to take me to the rodeo.  I love the rodeo!  It was one of my favorite things to do when I was younger.  The Ravalli County Fair, seeing how many times you could spin in the Zipper and not throw up (just thinking about it makes my insides turn upside down), and the Rodeo.  Of course since I was, and am, such a cowgirl, I was an expert of the sport.  Loved those cowboys, wranglers, and bulls.  Redbluff, just 30 min. south of us, is one of the major stops on the Pro-bull riding circuit. 

Before you get too excited, we didn't go to Redbluff.  But, we did go to the one here in Redding.  This one is, of course, smaller but a lot of the cowboys use this rodeo to add to their points and experience.  There were quite a few Pros in the bunch.

I was so excited I was jumping out of my skin.  We went on Thursday night, which was Family Night, and got fantastic seats right in the middle of the stands.  I was telling Better Half  this was a perfect spot because we  could see "everything".

Out comes the first bareback rider.  Well, that was kind of boring.  He didn't even fall off.  The same with the next and the next.  I thought 8 seconds was hard to do.  These guys were making it look like child's play.  In fact, it was the same with the saddle broncs.  Man these guys weren't any fun to watch.  I mean, half the fun was watching the cartwheels and gymnastics as the guys were flipping off and over the animals.  The only gymnastics were the ones by the Redding Daredevils (I think that was their name).  They were doing all sorts of nonesense on their horses as they were galloping around the arena.  Like Grandpa Recht once said, "I could do that (or jump that high)  if my tights were that tight, too."

The bull riding.  I was ready for some action.  Who were these guys?  I mean really.  Only one guy even got close to being skewed by a bull.  There was no major flipping, trying to run out of the way of the bulls, or even dirt on their wranglers.  What a disappointment!!!  At lease only a couple actually made the 8 seconds.

And the animals.  Where did they get these pygmies?  I remember the animals being so much bigger and, of course, meaner.  I mean, they had to be in order to rid themselves of their riders so easily.  These animals must of had "gentle juice" or something.  I could have "rode" those animals and I don't even live on a ranch.

Did you not get the event?  Oh, let me tell you again.  It was the Redding Pro Rodeo.  What???  What did I miss??? These guys were pros??  Weren't they pros in Ravalli County???  They seemed like it to me.  Well, no wonder everyone was chearing for them when they got high scores instead of booing them because they didn't fall off.  I think there is something wrong with me when I was looking forward to the animals having the upper hand. 

It was fun, they were GOOD, glad we went on Family Night instead of "beer" night, yelled and cheared right along with the best of 'em.  Can't wait for next year!!!